Birthday: 3rd Astral Moon, 25th Sun (Same as Pepper)
Origin: Unknown
Blood Type: O
Race: Keeper of the Moon
Hair color: Blue
Eyes: Red
Tarot Card: The Fool
Major and Minor God: Althyk, Llymaen
Grand Company: The Maelstrom
Occupations/ Professions: Leap of Faith, Armorer, Blacksmith, Warrior, Summoner, Dark Knight (WOLverse only)
Favorite Food/ Drink: Dodo Omelette, Spiced Cider
Minion and Mount of Choice: Warrior of Light and her very own Chocobo, Violence!
Likes: Her friends, adventurers, sleeping in
Dislikes/ Weaknesses: Bugs, too much physical activity, seeing her friends hurt
Her name is Sage Valentin, found as a child alongside her brother Pepper (don't ask how a hyur and Mi'qote are twins, save yourself the headache) and raised by one fisherman M'ari Tia in pirate occupied Limsa Lominsa. Bored of her fishing life and farming occupations she wished to one day leave but Pepper beat her to the punch and basically ran away from home. Unwilling to leave her father behind she stayed and continued helping as much as possible despite dropping jobs out of boredom but due to circumstances surrounding her latest occupation getting accidentally snatched by her father, she decided maybe now was the time to try out that adventuring thing alongside her armor job. Kind and energetic to the point of being obnoxious if you're around her too long. But what happens when she realizes the world isn't like her stories...? Of course, the latter might only apply if other circumstances leave a role untouched, so she may have to keep waiting.
A Message from Sage: I love hearing everyone’s stories! It’s the best way to pass time while I’m working. Please, I’d let you have something to eat but it’s not a very good thing to have armor with crumbs on it first thing…. or maybe I can fix yours! I’m good at that, yep!

My dream It's very simple! Even though I want to be out there... If I can have a delivery service, that works as well! I'm happy still!

  • Sage was supposed to be a culinarian but due to a comedy of errors, her father got the job instead!
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