Birthday: 3rd Umbral Moon, 24th Sun
Origin: Gridinia(?)
Blood Type: AB
Race: Wildwood(?)
Hair color: White
Eyes: Yellow(?)
Tarot Card: The Tower
Major and Minor God: Halone, Oschon
Grand Company: Twin Adder
Occupations/ Professions: Hiking, Music Playing,
Favorite Food/ Drink: Salt Cod and Ishgardian Tea.
Minion and Mount of Choice: Wind Up Elvaan, His Chocobo Anne
Likes: Napping, the Gold Saucer, goofing off, Fishing
Dislikes/ Weaknesses: Stuck up people, liars, people who prod too much, hero types
Mild Mannered and polite Rene actually washed up bruised one day in Gridania after the Calamity and was healed by the conjurer's guild. As thanks, he worked his ranks when the free company became a thing, but whatever he was doing beforehand is still unknown to everyone. He works dillegently by day, but when night hits he becomes an entirely different man, letting his sarcasm loose and frequenting the gold saucer where he gambles to his heart's content.
In actuality, he hails from Ishgard, and his story is a bit of a mess between commonfolk attempting to rise to higher status, disowned families,a bit of heresy, and a total disaster that he chooses to ignore.If he says anything mildly concerning, ignore it.
A Message from Rene: Come on, come on Nice to meet you~ Please take it easy… After a busy day at work, I usually empty out my shoes of any sticks that end up inside while I'm on patrol!
...very insightful.

My dream I’m a little mouse who dreams of cheese. my resurrection is at hand. Well, that's not worrying at all...

  • He wears contacts to match his family's eye colors.
  • One time he was struck by lightning and lived!
  • There's sort of a running gag between him and the man who looks somewhat familiar to him. He claims no relationships.
  • the absolute energies of a silly madman are contained and held at bay by soccietal standards.
  • Outfits:

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