Birthday: 3rd Astral Moon, 25th Sun (Same as Sage)
Origin: Mind your business!
Blood Type: O
Race: Hyur
Hair color: Blue
Eyes: Purple
Tarot Card: The Magician
Major and Minor God: Menphina, Llymaen
Grand Company: The Immortal Flames
Occupations/ Professions: Chocobo Racing, Weaver, Black Mage, Machinist, Samurai + Dragoon+ Paladin (WOLverse only)
Favorite Food/ Drink: Shakshouka, Orange Juice
Minion and Mount of Choice: The flying eye minion which turns into his mount!
Likes: Voidsent, messing with Arcane Magic, gil
Dislikes/ Weaknesses: Seeing blood, using heavy weaponry, The empire, white magic
More or less a fledgling mage who decided he grew sick of the entire adventuring occupation and decided to take mostly odd jobs through word of mouth. Has earned an reputation as a sketchy mage of ill repute, but can get the job done. Of course, most of that is entirely his fault for being a massive slacker.Now it seems like the only thing he cares for is coin. ...but he still helps people out even if they don't have the gil.
A Message from Pepper: Yo!!
welcome to my webpage!! ^O^ Cringe is dead and I shot it in the corner!! Real quick, let me tell you about me, the world's best magician (not by a longshot!)
One day we were born on this bright blue planet we call Hydaelyn and then me and my sister were found in a barrel by our dad! And then we got to go on cool adventures and shit! We fight evildoers and save the world! Just kidding. That's someone else's job.
By the way... you need a light? I'm pretty good at that. I can also cool down drinks. Cocobuki tells me not to use my powers to do such dumb activities but I need the pay. And besides, it's not like he'll ever find out...
On my sister…the real killer to motivation is boredom. And it's easy to be bored when you're dissatisfied.

My dream I wish to be a cat and lay down in beams of sunlight. Oh, is that too lazy or something? My real dream... it's a secret.

  • He used to be entirely different before the Calamity hit, even being something like a wandering free paladin helping those in need.
  • His chocobo, Winter, is named after someone dear to him. They're gone.
  • His symbolic flower is the Purple Hyacinth. Sage's would be the Daisy.
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