Birthday: 3rd Astral Moon, 31st Sun
Origin: Limsa Lominsa
Blood Type: A
Race: Seeker of the Sun
Hair color: Red
Eyes: Green
Tarot Card: The Emperor
Major and Minor God: Azeyma, Oschon
Grand Company: The Maelstrom
Occupations/ Professions: Fishing, Scholar (WOLverse only), Arcanist, Culinarian, Bird Watcher
Favorite Food/ Drink: Apple Juice and Antelope Steak
Minion and Mount of Choice: Wolf Pup, Adamantoise
Likes: Fishing, his children, Sunsets, Swimming
Dislikes/ Weaknesses: His children being hurt, the empire, old pirates who refuse the new ways
Wandering from boat to boat, the vagabond pirate M'ari Tia was possibly the most unscrupulous person that Sage could've possibly faced... if not for him finding the twins as children hiding in a barrel with their mother nowhere in sight. Dropping his original life entirely he quickly turned to a life free of crime (aside from the occasional Garlean looting) in order to ensure his children could have a better less dangerous life than the one he lead. Of course, this is immediately dashed when one runs away during the time period of Project Meteor and the other follows because of a mistimed lesson from becoming a Culinarian of all things. Naturally, this means he has to follow as well.
Taking on the alias M'irra Albens, he takes it upon himself to learn the powers of arcane arithmancy to learn how to summon.. despite being terrible with math. The results of his summons have been steadily growing better with time, but the originals were the stuff of nightmares. He still can't help but be a fatherly figure to those he comes across, but his original personality as a pirate was that of a wise cracking pun figure anyways. All he did was swab the deck...
A Message from M'ari: It's always good to adventure, but always remember to take breaks!

My dream I'd like to continue seeing my children be happy and healthy.

  • There's not much going on here outside of his former pirate life. He's very much an open book.
  • He worked on the Summerford farms after the calamity.
  • There was a point his former crew kidnapped the Fisherman's guild leader. He helped with the rescue a bit, working with former warriors of light.
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