Birthday: 4th Umbral Moon, 6th Sun
Origin: Sharlayan
Blood Type: O
Race: Hellsguard
Hair color: Green
Eyes: Yellow
Tarot Card: The Chariot
Major and Minor God: Thaliak, Rhalgr
Grand Company: The Immortal Flames
Occupations/ Professions: Academic.
Favorite Food/ Drink: Mashed Popotos, Peach Juice. Bacon Bread.
Minion and Mount of Choice: Gobbue and Chocobo
Likes: ...Not much
Dislikes/ Weaknesses: Nosy people.
A Roegadyn born in Sharlayan who aims to fill her thesis out on aether and it's different forms in an area of study. Multiple MSQ revalations have driven her to an area that can only be called "complete academic madness", which so far makes her the only character who's actually had any dippings in MSQ related content outside of the various WOL verses. She's more of a side background character who stoically nods whenever the story focuses on her, which isn't very often. Writing down her thoughts in a journal, she prefers action over words. Which she does very often. With her fists.
A Message from Lily: I seek knowledge. The answer is going to be to work to the best of my utmost ability. However, whenever I do attempt to find the answer to how our world works, something new comes up that makes me need to throw out my entire theory!
Has aether always existed the way it has? What are the fundamental building blocks of this world? Every time I think I get an answer, my co-worker's group manages to blow whatever I'm working on out of the water. Whatever. I guess I'll stick to writing about chakra.

My dream My next question is how in the world I ended up in such a group of layabouts. Just because I don't speak doesn't mean I don't have an opinion on the matter, rather that I believe actions speak louder than words. My class taught me this well.
They have... zero academic integrity. One of them barely knows how to read. Another believes moogle brains are held in their poms. The time I've seen them most active is when we all went on an excursion to the gold saucer and proceeded to go about on the leap of faith. My expertise lies in triple triad.
I fear my competency is lowered with this group of "Part Timers..." but I cannot help but be witness to the trainwreck. Besides that, I believe that the lalafell (one of them) referred to us as friends. I cannot help but want to keep that. I didn't have many friends back home.
So my dream is to stay friends.

  • She's the closest thing I have to working with the Scions in non WOL verses.
  • She mostly speaks by using her notebook. And sign language too!
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