Birthday: 6th Umbral Moon, 3th Sun
Origin: Unknown, Possibly Mor Dhona
Blood Type: A
Race: Raen
Hair color: White
Eyes: Blue
Tarot Card: The Sun
Major and Minor God: Llymaen- Althyk
Grand Company: Twin Adders
Occupations/ Professions: Whatever keeps me interested
Favorite Food/ Drink: Takoyaki and Matcha...
Minion and Mount of Choice: Squirrel Emperor, Unicorn
Likes: Learning what to Like.
Dislikes/ Weaknesses: Whatever I learn to dislike.
One day, out of the blue, an au'ri man showed up in Gridania. Having no name, showing up in the midst of dusk, and being called both a "wyrmscale" and "dragon", the moniker Dusk Wyrmdragon was created. Mother Miounne was not pleased at this absurd alias, but since the man had no actual name she was forced to go with it. But even the name Dusk Wyrmdragon was quickly discarded in favor of Bon because he felt bored with the name. And it's a quick thing to know that this man is always bored. Curious to a fault and naive in a lot of places, the fact the elementals bother to listen to him when he requests their power begs to have belief. Or maybe it's the almost capricious nature he carries that resonates with them?
A Message from Bon: Nice to meet you. (*^o^*)
We walk our own path.

My dream how would you even begin to describe the wonderful world that we live in where there are many bugs and plants and animals and things
My energy becomes very dissapointed when I'm on the hunt for a book or something or other and it simply doesn't exist. The records of mankind shouldn't be so scattered! When Allag collapsed (thank the twelve), most of their weaponry remained, but the simple things vanished?! I wished to see what their lives were like. What my life should've been like.

  • He may or may not be a clone.
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