Birthday: 6th Umbral Moon, 17th Sun
Origin: Gridania
Blood Type: B
Race: Plainsfolk
Hair color: A mix of black and white
Eyes: Gold
Tarot Card: The Hermit
Major and Minor God: Nald'Thal, Nophica
Grand Company: Twin Adders
Occupations/ Professions: Botanist, Alchemy, Conjurer, Ninja and Dragoon (WOLverse only), possibly more!
Favorite Food/ Drink: Scallop Curry and Thavnarian Chai
Minion and Mount of Choice: Couerl Kitten, Round Lanner
Likes: My friends, flowers, nature
Dislikes/ Weaknesses: Evil, abusers, bystander syndrome, scammers, death
Born into a merchant's family, Beet moved locations alongside her parents and siblings selling dubious items like miracle potions and elixirs (that were actually just regular items.) Frustrated that her abilities were being utilized to scam people, she quickly ran away and took a boat to Eorzea, which made her miss out on the entire Garlean invasion and occupation of the current area her family was aiming to sell in next. Unfortunately, she's been sending letters to her home for a while with no responses back.
She's suprisingly mellow in consideration to her more aggressive parents, but this comes at a drawback where she has her head in the clouds very often. She let her imagination run wild as a child to try and break up the monotony of selling, and she still does it even now in her older age which lets people sometimes pilfer her potions.
A Message from Beet: Do you like flowers? I love them!

My dream I want to see all the flowers across the world, and make friends while doing so!

  • She has fed many animals to the point that they follow her around in the forest.
  • As a wanderer, it's hard to say where she really came from, since it may not be Gridania at all.
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