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XIV Free Trial Player but ended up gaining an attachment to OC's and lore by utilizing what I've learned and seen outside of game. Sort of lived vicariously through twitch streamers playing until I realized that the free trial meme wasn't actually just a meme. But also immensely scattered in terms of priority. Easy for me to drop what I'm doing for months on end (citing the many animes and games I've started and not completed) so chances are this website will update randomly and also sporadically. Also a writer and artist, but I'm not confident enough to post my art anywhere until I learn how I'm going to scan it better.

Minor Q and A

why do you have 8 characters

I was incredibly stupid and did not know that you could have more than 1 job on a character, I played Maplestory and just assumed all MMOs were like that game

Are the part timers in MSQ?

I’d love to articulate on it more at the moment but my WOLs and OCs mostly operate under “just some guy” energy. Like. Completely average. They have jobs. They work on whatever the 9 to 5 equivalent in Eorzea is. Half their coworkers don’t even know they’re affiliated with the scions if they’re in the WOL centric storyline/fanfics.

how much spoilers do you know

I basically have a rudimentary idea of what happens because I lived vicariously through streamers before realizing I could just play the game myself. The only thing I have zero info on is stormblood because no one online talks about it except to say its mid/ just okay. Part Timers of XIV is essentially a bunch of character descriptions of how I’d describe my characters in their most basic setting that doesn’t involve them as Warriors of Light in their own right, because im a Pendatic weirdo who likes worldbuilding and dragon ball Z and knights and a bunch of other things, and I also like being support rather than a main character.

Why are you still on the free trial

I have no money.

are you a good tank/healer?

heavens no!! if you see me in the game you better be afraid because I have no idea what i'm doing!! mitigations? pulls? shield healing? GCDs? YOU HAVE ENTERED: BALL ZONE

What are you doing outside of game?

Probably watching anime on Netflix or some 8 hour Youtube documentary. I have a lot of useless knowledge.

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